New dates for PATS Sandown 2019 announced

Company: PATS Sandown

PATS Sandown - which celebrated its 10th show earlier this year - is entering an exciting new era with news that it will be moving to a new date in 2019. The two-day pet trade exhibition will now be held on Sunday, February 10th, and Monday, February 11th, again at Sandown Park, Surrey.

The new dates mean that PATS Sandown will be the first major pet exhibition of the year and avoids the busy March show period.

For the first time, PATS Sandown will be held on a Sunday and Monday, days of the week that have a proven track record of success for the Telford show.

PATS Sandown organiser Gordon Thomas said: “We are delighted to announce brand new show dates for PATS Sandown in 2019.

“After extensive research amongst our buyers, we are altering the open days to a Sunday and Monday. This will offer PATS exhibitors a broader range of visitors and align Sandown with the Telford open days.

“The new show dates will allow exhibitors to launch their new products to the trade at PATS Sandown, thereby making certain that retailers stock their products in time for consumers at Crufts. It will also avoid any clash with international shows.

“The new show dates are just one of our exciting initiatives to continually refresh PATS, which is The UK’s pet retail show brand.”

PATS Sandown has gone from strength to strength since the exhibition was launched in 2009.

With PATS Telford on course for another successful show later this year (September 23rd-24th), there are exciting times ahead for the UK’s number one pet trade event.

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