Top of ornamental breeding industry gathered in Barcelona

Over 100 participants pot and bedding plant breeders, young plant producers and distributors from 14 countries met in Barcelona at the 49th Fleuroselect Convention.

Grup Roig
Host of the event was Grup Roig, Spain’s biggest independent young plant producer. 

A family company in its third generation, Grup Roig now mainly acts as a rooting station for the Spanish growers.

For the Fleuroselect Convention, Marc Roig, Ignasi Calvo and team laid out a container trial field to show their commercial assortment to the Fleuroselect delegates. The complete current Fleuroselect trial compared new, not yet introduced breeding with existing varieties in the market.

The programme also included a visit to the Plantinova trials. Lluis Masvidal, General Manager of Plantinova presented the company’s credentials as a licensing office and trial station for the Mediterranean area.

Spanish market
Ignasi Calvo, Commercial Director of Grup Roig, provided detailed insights into Spanish consumer habits.

Due to challenging economic conditions such as high unemployment rates and low salaries on the one hand, and living conditions in apartment blocks with limited outside space on the other hand, the Spanish market for flowers and plants is rather limited. Spain counts 2086 nurseries with a total production area of 6.664 ha. and a total production value of EUR 770.000.000. Specialised garden centres are few and sales are flat, plants mostly being bought at supermarkets or in the green corners of the DIY chains.

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