This is not the year to miss Cultivating Retail

James Barnes, former CEO of Dobbies, has been chairman of the Horticultural Trades Association since the beginning of the year.  Cultivating Retail will be the time he introduces himself to members to outline his views on the future direction for the HTA.

The conference will focus on Sustainability

Cultivating Retail is on Tuesday 19th November in Nottingham.  Bookings are running at double where they were at the same time last year.

The Keynote speaker will be Sir Terry Leahy, the boss of Tesco when it acquired Dobbies.  He is also a shareholder of the current Dobbies that has just bought 37 Wyevale garden centres.  He will explain how views on retail and how sustainability effects consumers.

Different aspects of sustainability will be covered in a series of hot seat sessions on: - Xylella, peat, seasonal labour, technology, plastics, chemicals, water efficiency and energy.

Other speakers include Graham Corfield, the COO of Just Eat; Dr David Bek who will explore the planet, people, profit; Guy Topping of Barton Grange and Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards.

HTA taking a lead

Sustainability presents a big challenge to business.  If the garden industry is to be seen to take a lead, its members need to share common standards and have one voice when speaking to government, lobby groups and the consumer. 

James Barnes says the HTA has a membership across the industry with manufacturers, growers, retailers and landscapers.  “If the HTA is going to be the leading voice in horticulture, then it must have the leading networking event.”

Networking event

If there is one day for owners of businesses, large or small, to get away, this should be it.  As well as the presentations, it is an opportunity to meet people from across the horticultural world.  There will be the opportunity to network with representatives of Government, The RHS and GIMA as well as the wide membership.

For the full programme:

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