GIMA - Knowledge Exchange Workshops 2018

Company: GIMA

GIMA’s Knowledge Exchange Workshops commence this year with Sales Territory Planning followed by New Product Development Workshop.

Sales Territory Planning Workshop - 11th April 2018

Advice and top tips on the day will help sales leaders to implement new techniques that will help them to prioritise tasks and better plan their time, both on the road and in the office. A ‘consultative sales’ approach will also be explained, demonstrating to participants the ways that they can develop relationships with existing and potential customers, whilst also increasing link, cross and up-sale opportunities.

Created in association with Cedar Associates, the workshop will help participants to make better use of sales territory plans to create a more effective sales structure.

New Product Development Workshop - 19th April 2018

7 out of 10 new products fail! - The New Product Development Workshop is designed and written to help delegates improve chances of developing one of the 3 that succeeds!
Designed for junior and middle managers working in the garden supply chain with a responsibility for bringing new products to the market.  With a blend of presentations, video and working group tasks as well as debate and networking activities.

Jane Lawler has more than 30 years experience working in large corporations, investor funded enterprises and family businesses from junior management up to main board director.

Now an independent business consultant Jane is dedicated to the UK garden sector.  

Horticulture House
Manor Court
Didcot  OX11 0RN

GIMA Members: £175 + VAT per day for 2 or more workshops
GIMA Members: £195 + VAT for one workshop

Non Members: £205 + VAT per day for 2 or more workshops
Non Members: £225 + VAT for one workshop

Limited spaces available  :   Book Online  Email: Call: 01959 564947

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