Dejex seek partners to trial TagTray Concept in the UK

Company: Dejex Supplies

Dejex Supplies of Donington, Lincolnshire, are announcing that they are seeking Nursery and Retail partners to work with them on proof of concept trials of their TagTray system.

The TagTray Concept is an innovative plant transport solution designed initially for the multiple retailer supply chain.  The TagTray concept developed by Dejex offers growers an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective solution for supplying plants to multiple retailers.  Combining RFID tag technology with robust reusable trays allows growers to adopt a zero to landfill transport solution.

Alex Stevenson, Managing Director of Dejex said “As the largest supplier of plant transport trays in the UK we wanted to provide an open architecture designed to work with any nursery, any retailer, any manufacturer’s pot; we do not want to create a closed system, we are genuinely trying to effect change in the horticultural supply chain.”

“We now have partners for the tray design and implementation of the RFID technology.  The tray will be produced entirely from Kerb-side recycled material and will be 100% recyclable at the end of its useable life.  The next step in the process is to find likeminded Nurseries and Retailers who really want to implement change and will help us to test the system.”

TagTray Concept Timeline:

Spring 2020 – Proof of Concept Trials with chosen Nurseries and Retailers using existing returnable tray design.

Summer/Autumn 2020 – Refinement of TagTray specific design and scanning systems.

Spring 2021 – Full commercial role out of TagTray.

Nursery and Retail partners for trials will ideally be working on a fixed number plant contract for Spring 2020 in either 9cm, 10.5cm or 13cm round pots deliverable in a 6 tray per Danish Trolley shelf format.

TagTag Advantages:

  • Zero waste to landfill.
  • No capital cost to the Nursery/Packer.
  • Complete traceability ensuring accurate billing for any losses.
  • Reduced exposure to fluctuating Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) prices.
  • Tracked and traced cleaning process ensuring low pathogen risk.
  • The use of established robust technology.
  • Tamper-proof in mould RFID labelling.
  • A truly sustainable business model for a circular economy.

Dejex are a long-established company which specialises in the distribution of commercial
horticultural products and Technical Advice.  The progressive family run business in Donington, Lincolnshire, operates as a distributor for major horticulture manufacturers - also the sole UK importer for a number of specialist brands.  As such they are ideally placed to facilitate the distribution of TagTrays to nurseries and collections from retailer Distribution Centres.

To learn more about the TagTray Concept, please contact:

Alex Stevenson (Managing Director)
Telephone: 01775 821800

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