BHETA holds member webinars on issues from Covid-19

BHETA is launching a series of webinars on issues arising from the crisis including getting goods back in the light of insolvency, the cancellation of contracts and the Job Retention Scheme.

The first event is with solicitors’ firm, Howes Percival LLP and takes place on Thursday 30th April 2020 at 10:30am.  

Employment law, commercial, corporate and tenancy agreements

Three experts from Howes Percival, BHETA’s legal service provider will be covering employment law, commercial and corporate and tenancy agreements and answering questions.

  • Gerald Couldrake, Partner in the corporate and commercial team will discuss how the emergency affects commercial supply, including force majeure, frustration of contracts, getting goods back in the light of insolvency and the cancellation of contracts / return of goods no longer needed.
  • Graham Irons, Partner in the employment team will cover the Job Retention Scheme, redundancies and homeworking,
  • Simon Murphy, Partner in the property disputes team will deal with the rights of commercial landlords and tenants.

Selling on Amazon

A second webinar, this time with RT7, the digital agency specialising in selling on Amazon has been arranged for Tuesday 5th May at 10:30am.  

  • Jack Cooper, Data Insight Manager will share advice on Amazon sales since the onset of COVID-19, fulfilment, delivery charges, customer services, seller fulfilled opportunities and the future for ecommerce.

For more information about future events email Nicola Adams at the BHETA Member Services Team using the link below.

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