The Gardens Group celebrates playgroup’s anniversary

Company: The Gardens Group

The Gardens Group has donated a selection of flowers and pots to St Paul’s Playgroup in Sherborne, Dorset which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. The plants, which line the edge of the playground, are part of plans to develop the outside area at the playgroup during its 40th Year.

Mike Burks, managing director of The Gardens Group, comments: “We do what we can to support the community and local businesses and were more than happy to help St Paul’s Playgroup celebrate 40 years. It is great when an organisation reaches such a significant milestone, and especially as we’ve got staff whose children and now grandchildren attended the playgroup, it was right for us to help out. It is wonderful to meet youngsters who show an interest in the outdoors and the children at the playgroup seemed excited to have the responsibility of watering the plants and keeping them looking sprightly.  We were delighted to help.”

St Paul’s Playgroup opened in May 1973, at St Paul’s Church and moved to the current premises in September 1998, in the grounds of the old Sherborne Primary School. It is a community playgroup, run by an elected committee and a team of dedicated staff. The playgroup has charitable status and is non-profit making.

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