Further David Colegrave Foundation Scholarships Awards announced

Company: The David Colegrave Foundation
  • Jack Hone
  • Lilidh Matthews
  • Anna Cooper
  • Donne Perold

Four further students have been named as recipients of scholarships through the David Colegrave Foundation. These are in addition to the winners of The Blue Diamond Scholarships announced in April, and bring the total of scholarship awards made so far this year to 11 to a value in excess of £25,000.

Donne Perold, studying at Pershore College, is awarded the British Protected Ornamentals Association/Peter Seabrook scholarship. This award is made by BPOA in association with the late writer and broadcaster Peter Seabrook, to a student who has shown a particular interest in protected ornamental crops. Donne commented:“I am incredibly grateful to be chosen as a recipient of this generous horticultural award which will help my studies and research be more accessible. I am really pleased to have been given this opportunity and am excited for the opportunities for me to learn and grow in horticulture.”

Anna Cooper, studying at Lackham College, has been awarded the John Gibson scholarship. The John Gibson Scholarship reflects the keen interest John had in environmental solutions that can advance commercial horticulture in a sustainable manner. The Trustees were particularly impressed with Anna’s experience in environmental and ecological science and interest in sustainable gardening and flower production. I am very grateful to have been awarded the John Gibson Environmental Scholarship, which will support me to undertake courses relating to floriculture and garden design. Many thanks to the David Colegrave Foundation for this amazing opportunity,” said Anna.

Jack Hone, recently qualified from Pershore College and now working at Ball Horticulture in Banbury is awarded a student scholarship. Jack showed a real passion for horticulture in his application and is very much enjoying his new role at Ball where he continues to learn and gain experience.

An award has also been made to Lilidh Matthews who is on the early stages of her career path having set up her own business. Trustees were impressed by her thoroughness, passion and commitment to horticulture. They felt it important to recognise a talented individual who it was likely would contribute to the industry in a variety of ways in the years to come.

Further information can be obtained from: www.davidcolegravefoundation.org.uk

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