The Trouble with Garden Centres – ITV Thurs 22 Aug

  • ITV’s Chris Choi
  • Commercial peat harvesting

ITV’s Chris Choi investigates the sustainability of garden centres in 'The Trouble with Garden Centres’ – ITV Thurs 22 Aug at 7.30.

The preview says, ‘As Britain blooms and the weather heats up, garden centres are booming. Green-fingered amateurs have turned gardening into a £6 billion industry. But are these places as green as people believe? Chris Choi investigates, looking at allegations including the widespread use of black plastic and environmentally costly peat-based compost.’

Expect to see the new HTA chairman James Barnes interviewed. There are also believed to be shots taken from a drone flown over Westland’s peat harvesting operations in Northern Ireland.

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