More nest boxes needed - National Nest Box Week 2019 is nearly here!

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“Britain Needs More Holes,” says TV’s Nick Baker

Naturalist and television presenter Nick Baker is calling for more people to put up nestboxes.

He says: “Holes are the big thing missing from today’s manicured parks and gardens. No holes mean no hole-nesting birds. Putting a box up simply replaces what humans have taken away.”

His call is timely since it coincides with the 2019 National Nestbox Week, which runs from 14–21 February.

Nick Baker goes on to say:  “Think back to all those natural cavities that would have existed in the wild woods standing where your garden is now. Every bird box represents a missing piece of that ancient natural architecture. And you really can’t put up too many of the things.”

Since its launch in 1997 National Nestbox Week has grown to become one of the most recognised awareness campaigns in the annual ornithological calendar. Its message to the public is very simple: build or buy a nestbox and give a bird a home.

National Nestbox Week started because of the lack of nesting holes in modern and renovated houses, and overly tidy woodland management policies. Though woodland management today is more sympathetic to the needs of wildlife, the housing situation remains dire, with few opportunities for species such as Swift and House Sparrow to find nest holes or cavities in buildings – especially new builds and housing estates.

Nestbox Week 2019 is recommending three ways for everyone to get involved…

  • Visit the campaign’s new website to learn about nestboxes and the British species that use them. 
  • Build a nestbox for your own garden – it’s simple and rewarding. Choose a box with a hole for species such as Blue or Great Tit; or an open-fronted design for Robin and Wren. Easy-to-follow templates and instructions are given at
  • Nestbox Week 2019 also celebrates the latest edition of the BTO’s definitive guide to nestboxes in Britain. Completely rewritten and redesigned, Nestboxes - Your Complete Guide contains practical expert advice and in-depth species-by-species profiles, with easy-to-use construction diagrams.
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