Defra's annual Bees’ Needs Week starts today

Company: Defra

The Defra-coordinated annual Bees’ Needs Week got underway today (Monday 13 July) with an online launch to highlight what everyone can be doing at home to care for pollinators.

Bees and other pollinators contribute the equivalent of more than £500 million a year to UK agriculture and food production, by improving crop quality and quantity.

Bees’ Needs Week 2020 will see Defra and many other organisations working together to encourage everyone who can to do simple things at home - like growing more flowers and cutting grass less often - to help our precious pollinators thrive, and to engage further with nature through citizen science initiatives such as the Pollinator Monitoring Scheme’s (PoMS) insect counts.

Whether you are a farmer, a gardener, or a land manager, here are five simple actions you can take to help pollinators and make sure their populations are sustained:

  1. Grow more flowers, shrubs and trees
  2. Let your garden grow wild
  3. Cut your grass less often
  4. Don’t disturb insect nest and hibernation spots
  5. Think carefully about whether to use pesticides

Defra Minister for pollinators, Rebecca Pow, said,  “This year, we have seen an increased appreciation for nature in England in response to the Coronavirus pandemic with the nation building back greener.

“Our ambitious Environment and Agriculture Bills will enable us to enhance and protect our precious natural environment and diverse ecosystems, improving habitats for pollinators, for years to come.”

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