BBC’s Adam Frosts join Garden Connect 20th anniversary dinner

Company: Garden Connect

After the first day of GLEE in Birmingham, Garden Connect celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Genting Hotel. Adam Frost, BBC Gardeners World presenter and 7-time winner of the gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show, joined the dinner to talk about his life in gardening.


It started with volunteering

At the beginning of the Edwin Meijer, one of the founders, explained how Garden Connect started. Together with two friends, Edwin was doing volunteer work at a local football club.

They decided to build a website as a volunteer project for the club and after that, local businesses started to enquire about websites and that’s how it started. This unique background distinguishes Garden Connect from many other companies and the founders still do a lot of volunteer work in their local community.

A life in Gardening

After the dinner, BBC Gardeners World presenter Adam Frost joined to talk about his life in gardening. From his first baby steps, Adam was in and around gardens and doing gardening.

During his years he designed and built many gardens. He also told about the process of building his first garden at Chelsea: investing all the money made in a new, exciting project which paid off eventually. It ended with 7 gold medals and the last one - for now - was in 2015.


As Adam Frost concluded after his speech: the garden industry is a great industry and there’s a lot to do. Even after 20 years, Garden Connect is still very ambitious and vibrant and looking forward to meeting British retailers to help them to move forward!

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