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14 Sep 2018,  Nigel

What was your experience at Glee?

Glee '18 Seemed a real good feel around the show this year. I am sure the new layouts helped as it keeps things fresh. Here is hoping that autumn into 2019 is a strong one for this great sector. Viva garden retail and horticulture! What was your experience at Glee?

21 Sep 2018,  Dave
Didn't rate it myself, seemed a bit disjointed without clear themes, and no obvious route to follow - all just jumbled together. General feedback was that it was quieter than ever before, but still OK for indies.
21 Sep 2018,  Charles
Seemed much quieter to me, and very hard to navigate as no clear sightlines to see stands one was seeking. I was bored after a few hours.
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