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14 Sep 2018,  Nigel

What was your experience at Glee?

Glee '18 Seemed a real good feel around the show this year. I am sure the new layouts helped as it keeps things fresh. Here is hoping that autumn into 2019 is a strong one for this great sector. Viva garden retail and horticulture! What was your experience at Glee?

1 Oct 2018,  Paris
We had a great show, very busy particularly on the first two days. Rob is right, the lighting on our stand wasn't great. Still making schoolboy errors after all these years! I wish we weren't tucked away in those Halls right at the back of the NEC. Our industry is big enough and deserves to be much more prominently positioned in the main area (Halls 1-5).
29 Sep 2018,  Rob Lewis
I managed to get round Glee ok, seen the suppliers I had to see and appreciated the efforts of some of the companies re NPD. I suppose I was disappointed with some of the efforts made by certain companies , I think the once largest compost and fertiliser supplier to the industry put on a very poor show , I can see why they will struggle going forward, looked like no effort was made on that stand, pictures on show, not allot of product innovation, changing names of some of there large brands, very odd. I’ve moved all my business elsewhere and im glad I done this last year as I’ve heard they have had issues through the season re compost packaging etc.. I thought the Smart stand was very good , could’ve done with a bit more lighting to showcase the product better, Apta put on a good show. Westland and Crest looked good, like the New Horizon concept and change of packaging on some of the fertilisers and compost. Gardman wasn’t great, in fact we never even went on this year, they still have problems that they need to sort out. Overall we got what we needed from Glee but only spent 2 days this year and that was enough, we done 3 days in the past but didn’t think it was justified. Rob
21 Sep 2018,  Glee veteran
Having been to the show for 15 years I can tell you categorically that this show is on the decline. Alot of the regular exhibitors have massively scaled back their stands (a sign return on investment isn't there for exhibiting). The stand space prices are just getting ridiculous as well. We got charged £300 for one plug socket, not to mention the sqm rates. This show cost us over £5000 and our stand was about as scaled back as you can get. Every year you hear how the show was better than the last. But i think it's quite telling how it's impossible to find attendance figures for glee. If it's so great year on year why dont they share the data? Another painful aspect of the show this year was the sales women trying to get you to book next year's stand before this year's shows had even finished! Obviously commissioned base because they hang around your stand like a bad smell. Quite honestly I think there's better shows out there at a fraction of the cost! This show will enter chapter 11 like thousands of shows before it.
21 Sep 2018,  Dave
Didn't rate it myself, seemed a bit disjointed without clear themes, and no obvious route to follow - all just jumbled together. General feedback was that it was quieter than ever before, but still OK for indies.
21 Sep 2018,  Charles
Seemed much quieter to me, and very hard to navigate as no clear sightlines to see stands one was seeking. I was bored after a few hours.
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