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24 Sep 2019,  George Bullivant

What next for Wyevale? 

What next for Wyevale? Why did Terra Firma choose to break up the group? Will the Wyevale name survive? Where did Wyevale go wrong? Are garden centres future proof? Gardenforum talks to Justin King and Anthony Jones.

25 Sep 2019,  Neil
The business model of a large group of garden centre trying to run each garden centre the same for different regions is fundamentally flawed, as soon as Wyevale took over a new centre, they took away the individuality of the site they instantly lost customers. As the large groups get bigger and find they have to dictate more from Head Office they will run into the same problems. But then having a large group of centres doing there own thing, is a recipe for disaster, it will be seen is any of the present new super groups find a successful way to expand and remain profitable, while attracting local customers.
24 Sep 2019,  Huw944
It failed because the senior team originally put in place by Terrafirma after they purchased it were usless i would not have trusted them to run a bath.
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