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12 Nov 2018,  George Bullivant

Westland expresses confidence in Gardman sales team UPDATED

Westland says real progress is being made with Gardman.  Order volume is now close to last year’s levels. There will be 95% availability for next season and customer loyalty has been beyond expectations. UPDATED with comments from Edward Conroy.

18 Nov 2018,  Neil
We have just taken delivery of our first Gardman order in 15 or 16 months. Frankly we had given up on them due to so many errors, wrong picking, wrong invoicing, damaged stock, poor quality, stuff just not available etc, long before any fires. We had tried on a couple of occasions during the spring to place an order, but there was never enough of what we wanted to make up MOV. We ordered on Monday, delivered on Thursday, 100% of what we were told was available came. Being a garden centre, we needed core gardening products, that we could not get from the other wholesalers because they are out of stock because of the time of year! There were 3 lines we wanted they could not do - 1 they no longer list and the other 2 we were told before we placed our order were not available. As Edward Conroy says, "good people are still good people ..." I suspect it is how you manage and motivate them that allows them to do a good job. Well done Crest & Westland, starting to get Gardman back on track. A key focus on core garden product and not too much emphasis on the 'frilly' stuff will not be an easy task, but I feel you are making a difference already. Thank you.
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