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5 Jun 2019,  Mark

Warning - criminal gang targeting garden centres and nurseries in W Yorkshire

Criminal Gang Targeting Garden Centres & Nurseries in West Yorkshire, plants stolen to order 4-5 people transit van stealing high value plants and stoneware in early hours of morning. 5 already hit police unhelpful grey Transit YB55XCR spotted at two locations.

12 Jul 2019,  Mark
Police have caught the guy, but for another crime, but some of the goods in his van. Career criminal in court this week for another crime
10 Jun 2019,  Lizzie
We've had similar in the West Midlands. But they come in a car not a van. Stealing to order - he's very cheeky - checks the plant labels before deciding what to take. We've got good CCTV but as you say police aren't interested, they still haven't collected it from us from a fortnight ago.
10 Jun 2019,  Mark
6th nursery hit last night.
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