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20 May 2020,  

Thursday webinar: Open for Business

Glee is to hold a webinar on Thursday this week, ‘Open For Business: Lessons Learned from Lockdown and The First Week of Trading’.

22 May 2020,  Suzanne
I found this discussion quite insightful. After so long its good to hear from garden centres who have such a positive outlook.
22 May 2020,  Supplier
What was the outcome of this webinar? Hopefully all suppliers are in agreement that GLEE is not required this year. Its not fair on staff who have been furloughed on 80% of salary, for their employer to then spend £100,000 on an unnecessary exhibition. There will be very little NPD for 2021. Many buyers do not want to attend this year either as any range changes will be minimal if at all.
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