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6 Mar 2017,  George Bullivant

South African herb specialist Margaret Roberts has died

Margaret Roberts, the grower and author who popularised the use of herbs in South Africa, has died.

2 Apr 2017,  Sandy
Moms passing is an enormous loss for South Africa, gardeners worldwide and especially our family. We have worked side by side for 32 wonderful years and had the privilege of living our dream at the Herbal Centre educating and inspiring all who loved herbs. Mom and I have a ten year plan which I will continue as was her wish. I am completing the 'Indigenous Healing Plants' book which will launched on moms 80th birthday 1 July 2017 as a tribute to her. Margaret's legacy will continue at the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre De Wildt South Africa.
7 Mar 2017,  Maureen
I met this lovely lady Margaret Roberts in 2009 on a visit to South Africa. My daughter in law took me to this garden centre as a Birthday treat." We walked together and shared some special thoughts. Even quoted Robert Burns poetry. A happy day, even prayers in the wee chapel. Here I am still in Scotland, and just had my 80th birthday. But vivid memories of that day,
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