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3 Dec 2019,  STEVE

Plant Passports

PLANT PASSPORTS - As we near the date of implementation is everyone clear where they stand?
We have sent e-mails to all our suppliers most have answered and there are differences in how they will go about it. But we cannot get an answer about if we have to put a PP on every plant we sell just to cover the very small % of retail sales to landscapers, we do not wholesale to landscapers.
This is a quotation from the HTA 'However, if you sell any plant material online direct to end user or wholesale anything to another business or trader, then you must issue a PP with any plants you dispatch,'
This makes no mention of retailing to another trader. The worst case scenario is that we end up having to PP every plant we sell just to cover the small % of plants sold to a landscaper. We will keep a spreadsheet to record all incoming plants but is there a format already tried & tested that could be rolled out across the industry?

24 Dec 2019,  Steve
It comes down to if PP's or the lack of them become a criminal offence, which has been touted to possibly happen in a couple of years?, do you want to get caught when the man from the ministry calls and sees a landscapers van in your car park, you may not have seen it, and then demands to see the paperwork. I have spoken to many of the visiting landscapers who know nothing about PP's as they are not members of the HTA so where does that leave them??
6 Dec 2019,  I-hate-red-tape
Surely if you are a retailer its not your fault if a "trader" buys stuff. How would you know if a "landscaper" came in unless they told you? I know we have landscapers and "pro" gardeners come in but I personally don't know who they are, they don't get discounted prices and they que and pay like everyone else.
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