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15 Mar 2020,  Paul

Over 70's isolation - bad for business?

The latest news on the battle against Corona Virus could not be worse for Nurseries and Garden Centres. If over 70's are not allowed out to shop then much of our income will be lost. I am sure many businesses will not survive this and of course there are many over 70's who work in garden centres.

16 Mar 2020,  Fred
It could also be an opportunity. National office space provider requested last week for all restaurants surrounding its buildings get in touch to provide takeaway food for those looking to minimise contact outside of their workplace. Not only helping office workers, but also maintaining cash flow for struggling food outlets... A new role for the delivery vans!
15 Mar 2020,  Byron Lewis
This could definitely be bad news if it comes to pass, but other 'lockdowns' are allowing people out for shopping - so customers could still come to visit - and buy. May be time to promote delivery services, step up online activity (I may re start our ebay shop to sell stock). People will still want to garden - I detected an increase in compost sales this weekend...perhaps people thinking they will do more in the garden if at home! Ultimately until we get concrete info, you have to carry on as normal - I would hope some larger suppliers would be understanding with pre-season payment terms if they are able to!
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