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13 Jul 2020,  

Mr Fothergill’s recalls some Courgette Zucchini seeds from ranges

Mr Fothergill’s, the Newmarket based seed experts, have recalled stocks of Courgette Zucchini with the batch code I on the packet (located after the printed use by date) as a small number of seeds could produce bitter tasting fruits.

22 Jul 2020,  Jan
We were also ill and identified the courgettes (and the toxin) as the source. So relieved that we could stop our friends and family eating any of our courgettes. Have asked Fothergills twice to explain what is being done to prevent this happening in future at the growers. Only received standard letter in reply and the offer of a replacement packet of seeds, which was declined! .
20 Jul 2020,  Gardenforum
This problem has affected quite a lot of people - see Other brands have also been mentioned.
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