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13 May 2017,  George Bullivant

Mail says ‘insect-friendly’ plants are laced with pesticides that poison bees

The Daily Mail says that ‘insect-friendly’ plants sold in garden centres and supermarkets are laced with chemicals that could be killing bees.

15 May 2017,  Gardenforum
Hi Nick, while we agree that news sites should check sources, the story here is the Mail’s handling of the report – or sensationalism as you say. This is what customers might ask questions about when visiting a garden centre and staff need to know about.  GC's we suggest should check with their suppliers rather than argue the fine points of the report.
15 May 2017,  Nick
Whilst this is an issue that should be taken extremely seriously, surely as an industry-focussed media outlet you should be going to the source of the trial for the facts (size of trial, integrity, etc. etc.) rather than relying on an article in a "newspaper" with a reputation for sensationalism.
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