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25 Nov 2020,  LOFA

LOFA warns that container issues at UK ports are escalating

LOFA warns that increased congestion at ports, especially Felixstowe, could impact the supplies of garden related products after Christmas.

11 Dec 2020,  Jackie Wilson
Brexit could turn the tide for UK companies With so much uncertainty surrounding Brexit and news that many organisations are already suffering the effects of pre‐Brexit supply-chain issues, this is an opportunity for British companies to create win-win opportunities and support the UK economy collectively and collaboratively. Especially as word on the street is that buyers are expecting this issue to worsen post-Brexit. Precious Design is a manufacturer of metal garden products and is ready, willing and able to support organisations that source steel products overseas. Our customers span many industries across the leisure and landscaping industries. Our business has been operational throughout both lockdowns, working with a dedicated team of engineering professionals. Every one of us is passionate about producing quality British Made products. We have the flexibility to deliver to tight deadlines; we offer our full commitment and capacity to support other British businesses to deliver their goods and services to their customers. This is a golden opportunity for all British businesses to unite and support one another benefitting us all, alongside our suppliers and the UK economy. Never has there been a greater need than now!’. If we can help your organisation by supplying steel products then please get in touch via email, call my office on 0115 961 4200 or visit
7 Dec 2020,  Ordinary Bloke
Buy British. Make British.
7 Dec 2020,  Jack Whiteley
Importing is now a major problem for all companies and all products coming from the Far East. The Shipping Companies are basically holding the world to ransom by increasing their prices substantially whilst reducing availability. One month ago a 40FTHQ Container was costing between $1750 and $2000 for the sea journey Port to Port and now if you can find a container and find a ship for it to go on we are looking at anything between $7500 and $10,000. The problem is of course that all Suppliers will have used the lower price to establish their selling prices which of course are now substantially higher. As importers we are used to price variations and in previous years, we have absorbed any increases in shipping keeping the Trade Price constant. Now it is impossible the price hike is so high that it must be passed on to the consumer. There is absolutely No Way any importer can absorb these costs and of course neither can any Retailer. For Garden Furniture which is a key seasonal profit maker for Garden Centres and other Retailers the extra cost must be passed on that’s of course if we can even get the containers. There is also a massive shortage of containers, read the article at the bottom of the page. We have tried to talk to the Politicians at Westminster, but no one is interested and given most non food products come from the Far East it is obviously going to cause problems. Added to this the Shipping Companies are refusing to take UK exports preferring to load empty containers unless the UK exporters pay an extremely high price. It’s a massive mess!
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