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6 Dec 2019,  Tricia

Lack of trained Plantaria Staff

“Having worked as a Plantaria Manager from the 1980's I see lots of Vacancies for plantaria managers, which don't get quickly filled, talking to recruitment agencies there seems to be lack of trained plantaria staff, colleges don't  seem to be offering the right courses. I have a lot of experience, so would be very keen to advise or train plantaria staff”

6 Dec 2019,  Craig
Have you seen the pay that is being offered? Have a look on indeed at the rates of pay for trained /experienced staff in other industries. It's all very well having a passion for horticulture but that doesn't pay the bills. I've also worked in the industry since the 80s but would never recommend it as career. Do horticulture as a hobby and choose a career path that can pay more.
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