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22 Jun 2020,  George Bullivant

Immediate action saved Blue Diamond from a very serious financial problem

2019 results show Blue Diamond had a strong year.  What followed with Covid-19 threatened up to 3 months with no sales.  “This would have been a tragedy as well as a major financial loss.”

27 Jun 2020,  Scott Thomas
I can confirm that Blue Diamond agreed a payment plan with Ivyline and have paid accordingly. It has been an incredibly difficult time for retailers and suppliers. It has been great to see relationships strengthen as a result of a greater realisation of how much we need each other to be successful.
25 Jun 2020,  Alan Roper MD
This agent preferred to be anonymous and post a misleading statement. The reality is we contacted all suppliers and agreed a mutually beneficial payment plan throughout the lock down. If this person would like to contact me directly and provide me with evidence to the contrary I will look into the situation, its always possible one supplier was overlooked. Many of our suppliers have been complimentary on the way we managed the crisis. I guess with respect there is a phrase for this situation please put up or shut up!
24 Jun 2020,  sales agent
And then they stopped paying their suppliers on time.
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