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6 Aug 2020,  George Bullivant

Hyve unveils a virtual Glee Gathering

Exhibition organiser Hyve has unveiled Autumn Fair @ Home and Glee Gathering, two virtual forums in September substituting the live shows.

14 Aug 2020,  Jane
We have shown ourselves to be incredibly resilient and adaptable and, in truth, we have probably had an easier time than some sectors. I have clients (both on the supply side and retailers) who are significantly ahead of where they expected to be, and some even well ahead of last year. Not surprisingly, there is some caution, but in general companies seem keen to put significant resource into connecting suppliers and retailers to plan for 2021 - without much face to face and of course, no trade exhibitions. So whilst it would have been good to have a bit of a longer run at it, I think the GLEE Gathering will be a really helpful way to kick off season 2021. I'm working on Gathering plans for a couple of clients (one supply side, one retail side) already and happy to support any other suppliers who might be short of time and resources to get the most from the virtual event
14 Aug 2020,  Long Established Garden Sundries Supplier
In the current circumstances, how can anyone be expected to make a financial commitment to something over a year into the future - totally ridiculous!!
14 Aug 2020,  Matthew Mein - Glee organiser
Glee gathering will be taking place on 15-16 September as a virtual gathering, This is on the dateline of when Glee 2020 was going to take place. Glee gathering will be bringing together exhibitors and buyers together in a safe environment. We have listened to buyers who want access to suppliers and new products, which will be showcased here, including the glee new product awards. We have 150 companies already confirmed to take part in the glee gathering with those numbers expected to increase over the coming weeks. Glee 2021 planning is underway 6 weeks earlier than normal, as a result of Glee 2020 not taking place at the NEC. All business has to look positively, this mindset has helped the garden sector back to recovery, with more new gardeners out there due to Covid-19 there is huge opportunity for this industry to bounce back.
13 Aug 2020,  Sales Agent
So before GLEE would actually have taken place the organisers are letting you take part in the "gathering" as long as you have committed to a stand in 2021. Strikes me that they must have a different crystal ball to the rest of us.
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