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18 Nov 2011,  George Bullivant

HTA Garden Gift Card goes on sale

The HTA's Garden Gift Card has hit the racks of Sainsbury's and should be selling in WH Smith and Clinton Cards before Christmas. 400 garden centres are taking part. See more...

27 Oct 2019,  Steve
It would be nice if after all these years the HTA had managed to ensure that all garden centres & nurseries could sell & take these cards, but there are so many different EPOS systems out there the HTA have not found a simple cost effective way of ensuring their customers (us) can do this, very poor excuses like 'phone the number on the card and ask what the balance is', that is like credit checking your customer at the tills!, not good for customer service. the best way is to kindly ask the customer to call the HTA and tell them their cards are not being accepted and can they replace them with proper paper ones that can be accepted, they will do this but don't want to.
18 May 2018,  Eleanor
We always found it important to keep it local and sold our own with an extra incentive. We add loyalty points to their privilege card.
29 Apr 2018,  Rob
We stopped taking HTA Vouchers a few years ago.Its made no difference to our business whats so ever.
27 Apr 2018,  Ed
I have to ask what peoples thoughts are ? - Do we really need these Gift Cards? People used to have to visit and buy Garden Gift Tokens at their local Garden Centre, but now can do so in virtually every High Street and now Sainsburys! Then the problem with high denomination cards such as £25 and then £40 is the customer generally spends little more than that value (or spends it in smaller amounts taken off the card) meaning we loose 20% on every item they buy and thus leaving nominal margin after VAT!!! So again I have to ask - are these card a benefit to us Garden Centres, to the High Street retailers or to the HTA ?
25 Apr 2018,  Malcolm Butler
So does this mean all the supermarkets etc. selling gift cards are HTA members??
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