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7 May 2020,  George Bullivant

HTA eases its safe trading guidance for garden centres

In the hope of an early re-opening of garden centres, The HTA has eased its safety guidance, no longer advising a ban on non-garden related goods. However, cafes should remain closed.

13 May 2020,  Ryan
Hi, please can you make it clearer your guidelines for reopening, as I have several customers who still think that they can’t open up clothing areas as you initially stated. I know you have since changed this which is great but I think people might of missed it. I also understand that every centre will have its own regulations and operate differently. Thanks
7 May 2020,  Andy Smith
Thank you HTA for representing us and listening to all the comments, it is good to see the Association listening and changing it's guidelines after response from it's members. Well done
7 May 2020,  Supplier
Well there's a surprise following the backlash against their previous advice on not selling high ticket items such as BBQ's and furniture, meanwhile B&Q and Homebase can sell what they want.
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