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19 Jan 2018,  

Gardman failing to deliver

Is any body else experiencing issues with Gardman deliveries? My past two orders have failed to be delivered on time, the worst case being 14 days from order date to delivery date. This week once again the delivery has failed! Come on Gardman sort it out!

23 Feb 2018,  Stockist
In reply to Terry's' post. We were a loyal Gardman stockist for many years but have been switching business as we mostly work on 'just in time' deliveries. Decco we used for many years and find them very good. Set delivery days and Order by 9.30 the previous day. £250 carriage paid Just set up an account with Smart Garden and our first order is due next Thursday so for us time will tell. Meeting with the agent went very well, low carriage paid orders and I believe a 2/3 day turnaround. Tildenet is another company we are now using too. £250 carriage paid and seems to be quick with delivery.
22 Feb 2018,  Terry
I'm a small centre owner. I'm sure by now Gardman have sorted out their larger customers based on the press release a couple of weeks ago, but as a small business we are receiving no news, no orders and not a single pallet from the order given at Glee....nearly 6 months ago! We have to put 'eggs in basket' due to minimum order values, but my cousin has said others can supply on the same minimum order level in season. Is that right? Smart Garden and Decco were mentioned - anyone any experience of this service?
21 Feb 2018,  Stockist
How much longer can delivery problems last? Can't forecast what is needed 3 weeks ahead in the hope we might actually receive a delivery...... Pre Season cancelled as they couldn't supply on the required week and as pre season orders are spaced over a 6 week period, no spare capacity to accept any other week. We were, I believe a good stockist with Gardman and as stated on another post 'eggs in one basket' kinda centre. Been looking round at other suppliers and good deals are there to be had. Been amazed at some of the prices offered for comparable products.
21 Feb 2018,  John T.
Aren’t they using DHK now...? The same 3pl provider who now cannot deliver the Chickens into KFC..??? Good choice Gardman! Know Supply Chain.....!
21 Feb 2018,  P S Billingham
An update, still no contact from Gardmans rep! Spoke at great length to someone at their office yesterday, was promised a call or email back with definitive information, nothing so far over 24 hours later. Of course, no deliveries either. Anyone would think I was trying to buy fried chicken...
20 Feb 2018,  David
What a disaster!!! It was NEVER like this when Gibbs-Palmer, Solus & Spread Garden Supplies were in operation!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 Feb 2018,  P S Billingham
We are experiencing extreme frustration with Gardman, we ordered our pre-season early in the autumn and only received a tiny percentage of what we ordered. Also we have been promised deliveries and then received nothing. Their representation has also refused to take top up orders and has now gone radio silent on me!! Completely unacceptable 'service'. Today is the regular call day for their rep, we shall see if anyone turns up or not...
12 Feb 2018,  Susan Lefley
We have waited weeks and weeks for anything to arrive. We were then told to expect 24 pallets all in one go. We refused to take it all and took 9 pallets off the lorry, to find 6 of the pallets all contained the same item..they had sent us two hundred instead of twenty of a product. I have since cancelled all my pre season and any other orders until they have sorted themselves out. A very shoddy way of dealing with long term customers.
7 Feb 2018,  Garden Supplier
The phrase "eggs in one basket" springs to mind. I cannot believe the power and influence that some suppliers have over centres. Have a look around this are different suppliers and also innovation out there!
24 Jan 2018,  Liz
I can top that! Our rep refused to take an order because he said there was so much backlog and that I'd be better to wait a fortnight before ordering. Last order we did put in took over a fortnight to arrive and then had several missing items. Gardman you won't do this many times before garden centres look for alternative suppliers.
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