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19 Oct 2018,  George Bullivant

Gardman agents draw confidence from Westland meeting

Westland releases Gardman containers held at the docks and meets the agents, while creditors await news from administrators.

28 Oct 2018,  Concerned
Looking at the availability on Gardmans website its a struggle to make up an order with the vast majority of birdcare not in stock and even bubble wrap not available. So my concern is this. Have I wasted all the time I've spent doing a preseason order only to be told in a few weeks time that Westland won't be carrying the full range of Gardman products? I've been told that Gardman hadn't put any orders in for spring stock, so presumably everything's still up in the air as far as spring is concerned. Do I cancel existing spring orders and look elsewhere or wait until January comes only to be told the products aren't going to be supplied and then struggle to get product elsewhere? The trade needs some answers rapidly.
26 Oct 2018,  Curious
I wonder how many of those 100 containers have arrived in Gardman's warehouse at Kings Lynn? If it's business as usual why is there hardly anything leaving and arriving in garden centres still?
24 Oct 2018,  Euronut
No one. There will be demurrage and quay rent costs. Any balance over this will be paid to PWC account unless the supplier is able to prove clear title of goods unless payment received. So, the emphasis will be on the supplier to immediately inform the administrator that they have title to the goods and can prove this with regard to their contract and invoicing detailing the marks and traceability. Much depends on how much pressure is put on the administrator, and then if they feel that there may be subsequent litigation which could reduce the overall payout, then release to the supplier can be achieved.
23 Oct 2018,  Jolena
Westland already paid the 100containers hold at docks? and then who will make the payment to gardman's supplier? Gardman or Westland?
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