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5 May 2017,  Peter Dawson

Gardena back on tv

Gardena launched its new media spring campaign across tv, print and digital this week. This is the first major tv campaign in the UK for Gardena over the past 10 years with a reach of more than 21 million people.

3 Jun 2017,  Archie
I suppose it depends what level of hose you buy as all the other hoses I've tried kink as well but my most recent top prices pipe is amazing. I've seen some flopro it looks cheaper quality than the yellow stuff!!
6 May 2017,  Neil
Perhaps they have heard about Flopro from Crest Garden?
5 May 2017,  Cheshire Gardener
However much they spend on TV advertising, it will not change the fact that their hoses kink. Good accessories though.
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