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21 Jun 2017,  

Garden plants of the month for 2018 announced

The product selection of the Garden Plant of the Month for 2018 has been completed in collaboration with the product specialists from Royal FloraHolland. We will be letting you know which plants we will be putting in the spotlight next year, how the list of plants are produced, how we will be promoting them and how you can link in with this campaign on the shop floor. 

17 Jul 2017,  Flower Council consulted RFH for quote
“Please ensure that up to shop level all Olive trees traded must have the right EC Plant Passport. With the proper documentation, trade is possible within the whole EU. Traceability can securely by found if Xylella fastidiosa is present, tracing can be done fast and efficiently. Take the right measures to contain and eliminate Xylella sources and preventing outbreaks. If Plant Passports are not valid or negative for traces of Xylella fastidiosa, this is an unlawful offence in the EU, and trade for all plant hosts can be set at stake.” Frits Jonk Manager Post Harvest Kenniscentrum Product- en Ketenkwaliteit & Fytozaken
28 Jun 2017,  Andy
I fully agree with comments John has made. Why are we promoting such plants, don't we have enough good performing British grown plants to promote?
27 Jun 2017,  John
I am concerned to see that Olive has been nominated as July 2018 'Plant of the Month'. Olives have proved to be the most susceptible plant species to the disease Xylella which has recently been found in southern Italy. The disease is easily spread by sucking insects, and infections have already been identified in Germany and France. UK Plant Health are currently discussing with UK growers the way we might limit the possibility of importing the disease into the UK, and a number of growers have already agreed that they will make no further plant imports from Italy. The catastrophic effect of this disease being found on UK nurseries would in so many cases cause nurseries to be closed down, as plants cannot be moved within 10km of an outbreak. I am surprised that olives are contained within a plant list from Holland, but I feel strongly that we should remove olives from a list of promoted plants as we have no idea what the ramifications for the spread of Xylella might be by July 2018, and it is imperative that our industry is not accused of shooting ourselves in the foot.
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