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4 Dec 2019,  Lynne

Dogs in a garden centre

Before I tell you the reason for my writing I'd like to let you know that every Member of Staff at Brigg Garden Centre, North Lincs, should be valued, they are all extremely helpful and knowledgeable in their particular roll.

I consider myself fortunate to live close to the Brigg Centre and have been countless times.  Okay now onto what has prompted this email.

I have been countless times to the Garden Centre and never, until the other day, have I seen anyone in there with a dog. I was surprised by this but carried on with what I was about. Sometime later I saw them again, in the area where the food is on display, the display goes all the way down to the floor level. The owner of the dog was deep into looking at all the lovely things up at his level and had no idea that his dog was now happily snuffling and sniffing his way in amongst the items down at his level on the floor. We all know that a healthy dog has a cold WET nose. I know the items are all wrapped, but, I don't want to buy food items with a wrapper that has dried on, sorry about this but it is the only word to use, dog-snot.

Surely this can't be allowed under Health and Safety.  Something has to change here, either don't allow dogs at all, or, don't allow dogs into the areas where food is on display.

I then moved on to look in the Fridge at the end of one of the checkouts, they keep Boston Sausages and Pies in this fridge all of which are very good. When I was moving away I turned round, there was a lady to my side, I side-stepped her only to trip over her "Sausage Dog", that did it - I went to the Customer Services, as I said earlier the staff are always helpful.

The young lady said that dogs have always been allowed in. One of the other ladies said she didn't think it was a good idea to allow dogs and added that they had one dog that cocked it's leg and did what it had to do, they took the owner to task about it and she assured them it wouldn't happen again, but the next time she turned up with her dog of course it did it again in the same place.

22 Dec 2019,  Janet
So, I’ve noticed an increase in Centres allowing, and even encouraging, owners to bring their dogs. It’s a positive move in my opinion and a logical response to consumer demand. How many households have a family dog? Many Centres have pet care products on sale and their competitors in the big pet retailers all allow dogs. Centres have to compete. I completely understand that some shoppers will be less enthusiastic about dogs in the centre, and clearly health and safety considerations must be acknowledged. I wouldn’t expect dogs to be allowed into areas where fresh food items are on sale for example. The trickiest area is the restaurant. If you ban dogs from the restaurant, you are turning away lots of customers. The best approach I’ve seen is to make a specific and restricted area available for dogs, but ban them from rest of the restaurant. Remember how we used to manage the needs of smokers?
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