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4 Nov 2016,  George Bullivant

Bunnings to pilot 10 warehouse stores

Bheta hears there will be 10 pilot Bunnings Warehouse stores by the end of next year, starting with St Albans, and there will be fewer direct imports.

3 Jan 2017,  Stewart
Great news! As a long time user of Bunnings when I was living in Australia (Geelong, Vic) it is great to see you set up stores here in the UK. Prices here are much higher than in Aussie, if you can keep the same quality and price range you are sure to be a winner! at least give the local DIY places a shake up. As I remember Bunnings, one could walk in one end, and by the time of walking out the other could get everything to build and outfit a new house under one roof. stew
7 Nov 2016,  George
Thanks for the correction - it should be Griffiths way!
7 Nov 2016,  Daniel
where is Rivers Way in St Albans?
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