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9 Mar 2018,  Gardenforum

British Plant Fair closes the door

After nearly ten years, the British Plant Fair closed its door for the final time on Thursday. The British Plant Fair led to the successful launch of the National Plant Show, held every June at Stoneleigh Park

16 May 2018,  Mel
I agree this is a great shame as we always looked forward to seeing what was new.
12 Mar 2018,  Nicci Gow
What a shame! This was a great show for seeing what was looking good early in the season and getting things kick started on the plant area. I agree that it was better when the trolley fair was alongside as that was a useful way of picking up smaller quantities of plants or trying out new suppliers - particularly useful for smaller centres. My understanding that many of the exhibitors were not consulted about this decision and read about it here first!
11 Mar 2018,  P S Billingham
Its shame this event has gone by the wayside, but I think it might have thrived if the 'Trolley Fair' side of things had grown in stead of being poorly supported and then fizzling out. Also the show has been a victim of March snow more than once!
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