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12 Nov 2019,  George Bullivant

B&M continues store openings

With 645 B&M store in the UK. B&M says it is becoming the destination store for important product categories from toys and Christmas decorations to gardening and DIY.

15 Feb 2020,  Andy
As Garden centres we need to promote the things we are good at, price is not everything!
14 Feb 2020,  Secret Agent
Rumour this week is British Garden Centre Group are dropping Zest to take in Forest. Wonder how they will feel when B&M start ripping the Forest prices to pieces?
26 Nov 2019,  Dan
Their offer is not that of a garden centre, it's a retail warehouse offer, total misuse of the word. Yes,they will secure certain branded names, these suppliers will find difficulties in dealing with the rest of the market. Any supplier that puts its future in the hands of one customer is suicidal.
15 Nov 2019,  supplier
Kelkay to supply B&M in 2020 I heard today.
14 Nov 2019,  Independent Garden Centre
I have also been told that in the new year Kelkay will take over the aggregates from Zest too. As previously mentioned these companies have made their bed, now they have to lie in them.
13 Nov 2019,  Independent garden centre
I was told only yesterday that Zest will not be in B&M next year - Forest have gone in with them instead.
13 Nov 2019,  Supplier
Totally agree with previous comments. Independent centres have got little chance of competing with B&M. Zest are not only supplying their timber range but also aggregates. Check out the prices it is being sold at.
12 Nov 2019,  Rob
i could not agree more, I turned my back on Chapel cottage when they were letting B & M sell 1 litre perennials at 3 for £5
12 Nov 2019,  Independent
Since when has B&M been a garden centre? Surely, any independent retail garden centre owner reading this, must now realize that Westland and Scotts/Evergreen etc are no longer on their side. Any company that supplies B&M, or any of the other discounters, at advantageous prices is setting themselves directly against independent retailers. Back in the summer I visited a B&M. They were selling Levington Original (I think 50L) at £1 a bag. If only I had been in the van that day... If you continue to support B&Ms suppliers, you are just like the turkey that votes for Chrismas.
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