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23 Apr 2019,  George Bullivant

Bicester – “It seems we may have unleashed a beast”

Bicester Avenue takes off under Blue Diamond.  Commenting on close to 6-figure sales on Easter Monday, Alan Roper says, “It seems we may have unleashed a beast.”

17 Jun 2019,  Martin
Blue Diamond are clearly the leaders in their field.
31 May 2019,  Andy
I called in to Bicester Avenue earlier this week. I'd last been in there when it was a Wyevale, in the autumn last year. What a transformation! Fully stocked, colourful décor, great meals, great plants. Congratulations to Alan and the team for their imagination and hard work with this site.
23 Apr 2019,  Huw Williams
Makes you wonder what Wyevale were doing.
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