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5 Mar 2020,  George Bullivant

BGC shows depth of Stubbs family involvement

Stepping into the limelight at the Garden Press Event for the British Garden Centres Group was Amy Stubbs. With her cousins she represents the next Stubbs generation in the business.

6 Mar 2020,  British Garden Centres
In response to the suggestion.... Westland do not hold a stake in British Garden Centres and we make our own decisions regarding offers and pricing.
6 Mar 2020,  Westland
Westland has never and will never be involved in the ownership of garden centres.  Our role is to be a supportive supplier for the industry.
5 Mar 2020,  Worried Independent
I keep hearing that Westland have a stake in BGCG. Is there any truth in this? It might explain the mad 4 for £10 on the Erin compost.
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