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2 Dec 2020,  

BBC Essex sacks Ken Crowther

Award winning gardening broadcaster Ken Crowther has been sacked by BBC Essex managing editor Lou Birt. 

12 Jan 2021,  richard
Bad move from the ever biased BBC
9 Jan 2021,  Terry
So sad that Ken Crowther has gone from Saturday morning on BBC Essex. Nothing for me now on Saturday as the presenter and music is not to my taste and football is not of interest to me.
5 Jan 2021,  Peter
I shall miss Saturday’s garden question time . It was a shame when it was cut down to 1 hour . I will not be turning in to BBC Essex on Saturday anymore . What’s taking its place is someone who just likes to hear her own Voice . A lot of people loved garden question time .
4 Jan 2021,  Len P. (Chair Newham Conservation Volunteers)
Who will replace Ken , because it will I will not be turning on BBC Essex Sat/Tues waiting for gardening tips. BRING BACK KEN.
8 Dec 2020,  STEVE
Is this 'Birt' related to a former head of the BBC?
7 Dec 2020,  Kevin
Typical BBC taking things out of context. You are an utter disgrace. Perhaps you should also leave your post Ms Birt. Shame on you
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