Bord na Móna to launch new Happy Compost range at Glee 2019

Company: Bord na Móna

Bord na Móna will launch the Happy Compost range at this year’s Glee event, boasting a completely peat-free brand featuring six new products.

The Happy Compost product range includes vegetable compost, tomato planter, rose, tree and shrub compost, soil improvers and an all-purpose compost available in two different sizes. Bord na Móna is pleased to launch a range that caters to the needs of any gardener, whilst also staying true to its environmental responsibilities.

The most eco-friendly range yet, Happy Compost’s packaging is recyclable, using 30% recycled plastic in the bags – the highest amount achievable. The core raw materials in Happy Compost products are either recycled or by-products including bark, green compost, wood fibre and coir, all of which are 100% peat-free.

Happy Compost is manufactured in Great Britain at the most modern growing media factory in the country and trialled extensively over two years, outperforming all brand leading peat-free compost. Bord na Móna is currently moving all production to the UK at a new site in Liverpool and a new distribution site in Cambridge.

Steve Harper, Head of Commercial & Marketing for Bord na Móna UK, says: “Happy Compost is our most innovative and versatile brand yet. The name Happy Compost is inspired by the feeling of happiness and contentment. The new products channel this by providing great gardening results and also supporting our environmental responsibilities by going 100% peat free. We invite everyone to visit our stand at Glee to get a first look at Happy Compost.”

The Happy Compost range

All Purpose compost 20L and 50L

For successful seed sowing, beautiful flowers and productive fruit and vegetable. The All Purpose compost is vegan. A great choice for the everyday gardener.

Vegetable compost 50L

For healthier and more productive fruit and vegetables. The vegetable compost is organic, an ideal choice for a veggie patch.

Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost 50L

For healthier flourishing trees and shrubs and more abundant roses.

Soil Improver 50L

The organic Soil Improver compost can be used for healthier and more productive enriched soil.

Tomato Planter 50L

Rich in organic matter, the tomato planter is for healthier and more productive tomatoes.

To find out more about Bord na Móna and the Bord na Móna Happy Compost range, visit: and Stand 8D40-E41 at Glee.

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