Highlights of 2020 Summer Trials - Annuals

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  • Trixi Blue Baroque

Missed the Ball Colegrave Summer Trials? 

We totally understand many of you were unable to visit the Trial Grounds in July.

That’s why we have put together a short video highlighting some of the standout new Annual varieties and product displays.

If you find this 16-minute video a bit too long and rustic, our apologises… it was Stuart and Steves first attempt at recording and editing their own video. Guess filming production isn’t quite their calling, so it will be 'working progress' to get this a bit more polished in the future!

So put the kettle on and kick back to watch our 2020 Summer Trials Highlights video, it may be less painful than sitting through a 40 minute presentation in the searing heat of a polytunnel!

Next month we will present highlights from the summer of the Perennial trials and new varieties.

CLICK HERE to watch the Summer Trial highlights


The 2021 Spring Additions is now online!

Most of the new varieties seen and in this video can be found in your new 2021 Catalogues

However, since the realease of the 2021 catalogues, we have further extended our product offering with some great new introductions which performed exceptionally well this summer and received fantastic customer feedback.

Included are varieties such as Argyranthemum Everest, Dahlia Dahlietta Surprise® Else, Gerbera Patio, Petunia CircusSky and RoyalSky, Petunia Tumbelina® Darcey Rosa and Trixi® Blue Baroque to name a few.

Information for these varieties is now available exclusively online in our new 2021 Spring Additions brochure

CLICK HERE to see the 2021 Spring Additions brochure


Your Summer Trial Favourites

As always, we offer visitors to the Summer Trials the opportunity to vote for their favourite varieties from any of the trials or displays. If you missed it, here are the results again. We expect orders for these varieties to be in high demand, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

CLICK HERE to see the Summer Trials Favourites

For more information, please contact your Regional Account Manager or our Customer Services Team on orders@ballhort.com or call 01295 811833. 


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