Garvinea Sweet Sunset wins award for Best bedding or pot plant at Four Oaks

The Garvinea® Sweet Sunset won the award for Best plant introduction bedding or pot plant at Four Oaks Trade Show We’re very proud to receive this award for the bright bi-color Garden Gerbera.

The Garvinea Sweet Sunset is the first bi-color Garvinea®. With its strong orange-yellow bi-color and large flowers this garden plant is an eye catcher in every garden. The Sweet Sunset® brings the sun direct into your garden. Even on a rainy day.

This introduction of Sweet Sunset® is an example of the innovative breeding and propagation techniques that Florist Holland implements every day to create the highest quality and spectacular colours in new Garvinea varieties.

Every day a sensational Sweet Sunset® in your garden
The bi-color of the Garvinea Sweet Sunset® is not the only thing that makes this Gerbera special. The impressive orange yellow large flowers that resemble a summer sunset, and the amount of flowers that are simultaneously flowering, are making this Garvinea a spectacular sight in every garden. But the Garvinea has more to offer to make this plant a must-have. The Garvinea is the only Gerbera that is suitable to grow outside. With a flowering period from early spring until first frost the plant will produce up to l 00 flowers per year. The stunning large flowers attract pollinators and they really bring your garden to life. This Garvinea creates a sensational Sweet Sunset® every day in your garden.

The benefits of Garvinea in a nutshell

  • The first true garden Gerbera.
  • Flowering period from early spring until first frost.
  • Produces up to 100 flowers per plant per year.
  • The large flowers attract pollinators and let them make their contribution to the ecosystem.
  • Flowers can be picked and used as cut flowers. Extra benefit, plucking stimulates the creation of new buds on the plant.
  • Organic gardening becomes easy because this Garvinea is high resistance to pests and diseases.

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