Busy Lizzies are back ... without the risk!

Company: Ball Colegrave
  • Impatiens Beacon Mixed
  • Impatiens Beacon White

New Impatiens Beacon™ bred by PanAmerican Seed® and distributed in the UK by Ball Colegrave, offers high resistance to Plasmopara obducens, the cause of Impatiens downy mildew.

Ball Colegrave is thrilled to re-launch Impatiens to the UK horticultural industry.

The return of the Busy Lizzie, a firm favourite of the Home Gardener, has been long awaited. So at last, following years of painstaking breeding, Impatiens Beacon™ is here, shining a new light of hope for the whole industry with its high resistance to the devastating Downy Mildew disease.

Growers can now order plug trays for delivery week 17 or 19 in time to finish for retail sales in May-June.

Beacon™ Impatiens will have its UK debut at the 2019 Ball Colegrave Summer Showcase (July 15th - August 2nd).



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