Apple ‘Trinity’ wins Best in Show at HTA New Plant Awards

Company: Frank P Matthews

A new variety of apple, launched this summer by Frank P Matthews, has won Best in Show at the HTA Virtual New Plant Awards.

Trinity is a delicious, dark red-skinned and red-fleshed early cooking apple with pretty pink blossom and attractive glossy leaves. It makes excellent pies and sauces that need little added sugar and does not need peeling due to its thin skin. Trinity ripens in August, a few weeks before most other apples, and is very high in vitamin C, antioxidants, tannins and anthocyanins. It is also great for juicing.

This special apple was bred by Jerzy Bartoszewicz, a Polish war veteran, in his back garden in Twickenham. Jerzy came to the UK as a refugee in 1947 and was a keen gardener and amateur plant breeder. His daughter, Alex Turner, contacted Frank P Matthews tree nursery about the variety and it was identified as very much worth propagating.

A team of expert judges voted Trinity the Best in Show and it also came in the top three of the Online Visitors’ Vote.

Frank P Matthews also won Silver and Bronze awards in the Trees and Conifers category with new varieties Malus Scarlet Brandywine and Cercis Golden Falls.

Trees will be available to purchase from garden centres and online stockists from mid August 2020 onwards.

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