Over fifty British pet product exhibitors launch new lines at Interzoo 2018

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The exhibitor group in this year’s British pavilion at Interzoo is offering buyers from across the world a multitude of new product launches at this year’s show.

Almost all of the 50-plus exhibiting companies in the PetQuip-organised group have new and exciting products on display, covering many sectors of the pet industry. 

New food and treat varieties include gluten-free, grain-free, high meat content and festive treats.  There are even dog chews that have their origin in the hills of the Himalayas.

In the field of high tech there are the latest innovations in app-enabled dog behaviour monitors, food measures and cat flaps.

Other product sectors to feature innovations include dog training aids, jackets that allow dogs to be seen in the dark, pet bedding, microfibre towels, mats, pet hair removers, feeding bowls, dog toilets, shampoos and cosmetics.

In addition to the UK product supplier exhibitors, PetQuip is organising and manning a British pet product information stand, which buyers can visit to source thousands of British pet products.  Buyers visiting the PetQuip team on the information stand can also take a copy of a completely new publication ‘Companion Pets in the UK’. This informative publication has been published by PetQuip in association with the UK Department for International Trade, and highlights the UK’s extraordinary capability that exists in the UK companion pet sector.

The British exhibitors and their products are:

Accapi Group (Hall 7, Stand 431) is exhibiting its range of Ruffwear performance dog gear that includes harnesses, leads, collars and jackets.

ALF (Aquatic Distributors) Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 506d) is introducing its range of Python products to EU countries, as well as its full online service of other competitively priced aquarium products.

Armitage Pet Care (Hall 9 – Stand 604b) is showing a wide selection of festive treats for pets.

Beco Pets (Hall 9, Stand 407) is showing its dog food that is loaded with nutritious and digestible superfoods.

Benevo Vegan Pet Foods (Hall 9 – 603c) is adding a new variety to its Pawtato range of complementary food for dogs.  The latest tasty treat is Purple Sweet Potato Knots.

Bronte Glen Limited (Hall 9 – Stand 515a) is introducing new colours and patterns to its range of vet bedding for the 2018 season. 

Burgess Pet Care (Hall 9 Stand 515c) is showing its Burgess Excel long stem feeding hay, comprising timothy hay that has been grown in Yorkshire. 

Butcher’s Pet Care (Hall 9 – Stand 519) is showing its new Butcher’s Monoprotein dog food containing a single meat protein.

Cambrian Pet Foods Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 610a) is displaying its ranges of pet food in cans, trays and pots as well as complete dry foods in a range of sizes

Canagan, Symply and Piccolo (Hall 9 – Stand 615) is showing a variety of new products for the 2018 season.  A new 'Highland Feast' multi protein dog food contains the finest British ingredients including Pheasant and Trout.

The Canny Company (Hall 9 – Stand 603b) is showing a dog collar that is designed to stop dogs pulling on the lead.

CarPET-Pet Hair Remover (Hall 9 – Stand 506b) is launching a totally natural eco CarPET- pet hair remover.

ChickenGuard (Hall 9 – Stand 507b) is introducing a new door kit that is compatible with all versions of the ChickenGuard door opener. 

Devoted Pet Foods Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 505b) is showing its British-made high meat content grain-free foods for dogs, puppies and cats.

Earthbound UK Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 613b) is exhibiting its high quality pet bedding, blankets, dog coats, toys and accessories.

Eden Holistic Pet Foods (Hall 9 – Stand 501b) is introducing three new product ranges at Interzoo 2018. The first is an air-dried range of treats with 70 per cent meat content.

Fold Hill Foods (Hall 7A – Stand 640) is a leading private label supplier and owners of the premium brand Laughing Dog since 1936.

Forthglade Natural Pet Food (Hall 9 – Stand 508a) is showing its award-winning grain-free range of complete wet meals for dogs.

GET OFF – Blumen International Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 502b) is launching a new Natural Range in which all the products are based on natural ingredients to care for a pet’s home environment.

Henry Wag (Hall 9 – Stand 508c) is launching two new microfibre products at Interzoo. 

Hing Designs (Hall 9 – Stand 610c) is using the Interzoo platform to introduce exciting new additions to the current range of patented designer feeding bowls for both dogs and cats.

The House of Paws Ltd (Hall 3, Stand 405) is showcasing its pet bedding, now available in a range of new and exciting fabrics, materials and colours to suit all homes and interiors.

Howler & Scratch by Phoenox (Hall 9 – Stand 500c) is displaying its Phoenox range of British-made environmentally-friendly interior door mats, rugs and runners. 

Hownd (Hall 9 – Stand 515b) is showing its patent-pending HERO food and water bowl that has built-in proven antimicrobial technology and is the ideal solution for health-conscious pet owners, especially those with young children and multiple pets.

Hugo Kamishi (Hall 9 – Stand 605b) is showing its Rock and Plants Décor Kit from its range of ornaments, fish tanks and accessories for the aquatics industry.

Inspired Pet Nutrition (Hall 9 – Stand 610b) is introducing Nineteen 87, a new range of lovingly baked dog food.

James and Steel (Hall 7, Stand 369) is introducing its Bubble Dog & Bubble Cat range of bubble toys at Interzoo.

Kennelpak Ltd (Hall 9 – 506c) is showing its range of YAKERS that have their origin in the hills of the Himalayas.

Law Print and Packaging (Hall 9 – Stand 607c) is introducing Brick-Pack, the latest innovation in packaging from the UK-based flexible packaging supplier.

Lily’s Kitchen (Hall 9 – Stand 513) is extending its range of nutritious food for pets by adding a tray format to its range of food for dogs.

Lintbells (Hall 9 – Stand 506a) is showing its YuMOVE PLUS for dogs. The product is an extra-strength triple-action dog joint supplement for older dogs with stiffer movement.

Little Big Paw (Hall 9 – Stand 514a) is showing its Little BigPaw Oven Baked Treats that are a trio of British-made, 100 per cent natural recipes suitable for all dogs.

Long Paws (Hall 7, Stand 838) is an award-winning dog-accessory brand, and the company will be returning to Interzoo with a new line-up of products.

Max and Lucy (Hall 9 – Stand 607a) is introducing its family of dry shampoos with essential oils. They are a fast, convenient and a natural solution to clean and freshen dogs without the need to use a single drop of water.

Meatiful (Hall 9 – Stand 603a) is showing its range of food for dogs.  There are three mouth-watering varieties: free range chicken, farm reared duck and Scottish salmon.

Micro-ID Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 501a) is showing its compact mini scanner that reads all modern electronic tags and microchips for dogs, cats and other animals. It is available in a small carry case with charging cable and test microchip.

Naturo Pet Foods (Hall 9 – Stand 507a) is launching two new products at Interzoo. 

Nutriment (Hall 9 – Stand 613a) is one of the fastest growing raw food companies in the UK, securing the 50th spot in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100. 

Oggi’s (Hall 9 Stand 607b) is a home baking solution to provide a healthy treat for dogs. It is a great way to involve the children in the care of the family pet. 

PATS 2018 and AQUA 2019 (Hall 9 – Stand 501c) is promoting its UK based trade shows.

PATS is the UK’s only pet trade event, taking place at The Telford International Centre UK, from 23 to 24 September 2018 and at Sandown Park from 19 to 20 March 2019. AQUA 2019 is the UK’s water gardening and aquatics trade event and it takes place at the Telford International Centre from 16 to 17 October 2018.

Pet Bakery (Hall 9 – Stand 507c) is launching a new Gluten-Free Liver Brownie.

PetQuip (Hall 9 – Stand 502a) is the International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers.  The PetQuip team assists and promotes the development of international trade in the pet equipment sector, providing a catalyst for business contact between UK manufacturers, suppliers and international buyers. PetQuip has published the PetQuip Buyers’ Guide, which includes a directory of members’ product ranges, and copies will be available to all buyers visiting the PetQuip stand. Buyers will also be able to take a copy of a completely new publication ‘Companion Pets in the UK’, highlighting the UK’s capability in pet product innovation.

PJ Pet Products (Hall 9 – Stand 613c) is exhibiting at Interzoo for the first time. The company has a diverse range of innovative and unrivalled brands including K9-Pursuits®, DO&G™, CA&T™, AquaSpring™ and more.

Podium Pet Products (Hall 9 – Stand 605a) manufactures or procures a wide range of innovative and often ‘green’ pet products, 

Pooch & Mutt (Hall 9 – Stand 503a) is displaying chews that are free from artificial colours, preservatives, and flavours. 

Profleece Pet & Vet (Hall 9 – Stand 500b) is displaying its specialised polyester fur fabrics for the veterinary sector.

Sure Petcare (Hall 9 – Stand 503b) is a pet technology specialist, manufacturing microchip-enabled and connected products.

TastyBone (Hall 9 – Stand 601) is showing a wide selection of nylon chews and edible treats that are in an array of sizes, shapes and flavours.

Tribal Pet Foods (Hall 9 – Stand 604a) is debuting its range of cold-pressed dog food to international audiences at Interzoo 2018. Tribal’s TLC (Truly Lower Celsius) is a grain-free, high quality, hypoallergenic, cold-pressed dog food.   

Trilanco (Hall 9 – Stand 505a) is a ‘one stop shop’ for pet, equestrian and agricultural retailers, bringing together great brands at competitive prices to help create a great trade buying experience.

Vetbed (Hall 9 – Stand 508b) is launching an innovative dog jacket at Interzoo 2018.  The Flecta Vizlite dog jacket incorporates patent-pending Vizlite technology that absorbs UV light from any source and works like a battery to store the absorbed light.

Vitalin – The Natural Choice (Hall 9 – Stand 502c) is showcasing its new super premium pet food range.

Waterlife (Hall 9 – Stand 500a) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, and is displaying its ranges of aquarium and pond items, including several new products.   

WildWash (Hall 9 – Stand 514c) is showing its ranges of natural shampoos and cosmetics. 

Woofaloo (Hall 9 – Stand 514b) is exhibiting its easy-to-use indoor/outdoor dog toilet for puppies and small/medium dogs, first exhibited at Interzoo in 2016, and is now set to launch a new Rock Woofaloo, and a female dog toilet in a big size.

PetQuip is the International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers. 
Tel:  +44 (0) 44 1959 565995 or Fax:  +44 (0) 1959 565885
email:  info@petquip.com or visit the PetQuip website on:  www.petquip.com

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