Further category expansion opportunities in Water Features

Company: Kelkay

Easy Fountain reported exceptional growth of over 65% across the water features category in 2018. Responding to a noticeable trend in demand for trade-up opportunities, Easy Fountain have developed a unique new range of high-quality water features for 2019.

A completely new range of eight, iconic features that are designed to provide a stunning focal point in the garden have been developed under the new ‘Impressions’ brand. The new range offers both consumers and customers all the benefits of a traditional natural stone feature at a fraction of the cost and less than half the weight. Constructed to look and feel exactly like natural stone, they’ll cope with all weather conditions and there are both traditional and contemporary designs to suit all tastes. Of course, in common with all Kelkay product, Impressions features its own merchandising solution and supporting POS which is designed to drive year round great volume sales.

Sarah Winn, Group Marketing Director for AMES UK said, “We continue to look for further opportunities to invigorate and stimulate growth in product categories and the new and innovative Impressions range is a great example. The high quality, affordability and lighter weight product opens up a great opportunity for retailers to expand their water features offer.”

To find out more about Kelkay and their successful garden landscaping products, go to www.kelkay.com or e-mail the general enquiries office on salesenquiries@kelkay.co.uk or call to speak to us on 01405 869333

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