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Company: A. Perry Ltd. (Primus)

CE Certified and UK Manufactured, Perry face visors are an effective way to cover the whole face comfortably, offering protection from coughs and sneezes. As used in the NHS.

These simple, effective protective visors cover the whole face and offer protection from coughs and sneezes.

CE Certified for use by healthcare workers, first responders and other personnel involved in the efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus and avoid its further spread.

Easy to wipe clean, the face shield has a comfort soft foam headband for the forehead that also positions the visor off the face, allowing easier breathing. The headband also creates a seal on the forehead, helping prevent the risk of aerosol passing onto the face from above. Ideal for use where the user comes face to face with people regularly, whether that is in retail, health or other commercial settings.

Features include:

  • Single piece construction with adjustable headstrap
  • CE Marked (non-sterile)
  • As used in the NHS
  • UK Manufactured


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