“Watch this space”, say brand leaders SBM Life Science

Company: SBM Life Science

At the beginning of the year, the Environment Secretary announced a ban on the outdoor use of metaldehyde. Now with the deadline on the horizon, so are the replacement ideas from market leaders SBM Life Science.

Head of Business, Nick Walton says, “As brand leader* we must remind all customers about the deadline for metaldehyde on 30th June, however we are working on some exciting new replacements - so watch this space!”

SBM Life Science LTD currently offer an alternative, Ferric Phosphate based product - Solabiol® Slug Killer. Effectively controlling slugs using a naturally occurring active ingredient, this product is ideal for use when growing fruit and vegetables and breaks down naturally into iron and phosphate to enrich the soil around the plants.

For more information about Solabiol® Slug Killer, or any other natural products within the Solabiol® range, please visit www.solabiol.co.uk

* GfK GB Panel Market, excl. Ironmongers, Slug Killer, YTD December 2018 VAL

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