Transform dishes this season, with tasty recipes from Jekka McVicar – the UK’s leading herb expert

Company: Johnsons

New for 2019, the Jekka’s Herbs display from Johnsons will feature free recipe cards for customers to take away and use at home. Taken from her beautifully illustrated book ‘Jekka’s Herb Cookbook’, each uses some of the more unusual varieties in the Jekka’s Herbs collection. Recipes include sautéed chicken with lovage and cider, spicy lemon grass and butternut squash soup and hyssop fish cakes. New point of sale also offers Jekka’s tips on how to make fresh and light salmon with dill and chervil and Asian inspired scrambled eggs with garlic chives.

Helen Clayton Johnsons Brand Manager says “Jekka has such passion for herbs and their uses and we are delighted that we have been able to pass on some of her delicious recipes to our customers.”

New varieties in the Jekka’s Herbs collection this season are Garlic Wild (RRP £2.60 for 50 seeds), a hardy perennial herb which forms dense leafy carpets with a delicious garlicy aroma. Leaves and flowers can be used much like garlic or chives. Sweet Mace (RRP £2.60 for 100 seeds), a frost tender perennial also known as Mexican tarragon, has aromatic leaves and vibrant flowers which create a charming effect in the garden. The leaves of this plant make an excellent alternative to French tarragon in cooking.

Jekka is an expert, author and broadcaster on the cultivation and use of herbs. The Johnsons Jekka’s Herbs collection is a range of 47 carefully selected varieties, including well-known classic herbs alongside the more unusual.

To find out more about the Johnsons Jekka’s Herbs range, log on at or telephone 01638 554111.

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