The effortless way to clear up leaves this Autumn

Company: GARDENA

Perfect for large gardens, the new GARDENA Leaf and Grass Collector makes Autumn tidy up easy. Remove fallen leaves on the lawn, on pathways or the driveway quickly and easily, and best of all it is not motorised, so it's quiet and environmentally friendly too.

Collecting leaves is one of the most unpopular gardening tasks in autumn: It is time-consuming, uncomfortable and usually takes place when the weather is cold. But if you want to keep your lawn healthy during the winter months, there is another alternative.

With the new GARDENA Leaf and Grass Collector, the work is done quickly, quietly, and effectively . Remove fallen leaves on the lawn, paths and driveway without the need to bend down.

Specially shaped bristles made from high-quality plastic transport the leaves off the ground into the large collection bag, which can be easily removed for convenient, effortless emptying. The GARDENA Leaf and Grass Collector can be easily adapted to the ground it is being used on and the ergonomic handles make it easy to slide the Leaf and Grass Collector along the ground.

Storage is not a problem as the GARDENA Leaf and Grass Collector can be easily stowed away in small spaces in an upright position.

With 4 patents pending, this innovative leaf collection tool is guaranteed to be a popular purchase this Autumn. Supported instore as part of the Autumn POS displays as well as a digital campaign.

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